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About our College
          To realise the aims and objectives of society, Jadhavaji Education Society unanimously decided to start Arts, Science and Commerce College at Athani.
          Jadhavaji Education Society’s Arts, Science and Commerce College was founded at Athani on 2nd August, 2004 at the auspicious hands of the great Scientist Dr. R. L. Kashyap, The President, Sri Aurobindo Kapali Sastry Institute of Vedic Culture (SAKSHI), Bangalore. After three years, by the grace of great philanthropist late Shri Krishnarao Annarao Loakapur, The prominent alumni of our society who was interested in providing good infrastructure to the students of the college. He offered to give huge amount for the construction of college building in the land measuring Eight Acres donated to the J. E. Society by late Shri Shrimant D. B. Pawar Desai (Mangasulikar)  in the memory of his father, late Shri Shrimant Bhojaraj Pawar Desai. By the grace of his virtuosity the college building is built up beautifully and was inaugurated on 7th February 2009 by the grate business tycoon, Infosys founder, Shri N. R. Narayanmurthy and his betterhalf  Dr. (Smt.) Sudhamurthy.    
The society also felt it was the dire need of this locality where there was no any well and sound college to meet the demands of rural and urban students. Hence, it becomes very essential on the part of the management to start a new college of different faculties so that the students, especially girl students from rural and urban areas, need not to go to remote places for their higher education and putting financial burden on their parents. With this perspective the college Arts, Science and Commerce came into existence.
Having made a successful start in the year 2008 Jadhavaji Education Society thought of B.B.A college so that commerce students should meet their demands here only. What is more J. E. Society, being conscious of the problems of the local communities, thought seriously to launch on Post Graduate Courses, so that student of Commerce faculty and student of English Literature should register their interest here only. Hence in the year 2013 J. E. Society started PG Departments in Commerce and English affiliating to Rani Channamma University, Belagavi.
The PG Studies were inaugurated on 08th  October, 2013, by Hon’ble Dr. (Smt.) Meena Chandawarkar, the Vice Chancellor of Karnataka State Women University, Bijapur.
As it is mentioned categorically in the aims and objectives of the society the college is to impart the education to the rural and urban students that make them ideal citizens with good moral character. The college pledges itself to ensure that the students of this college lead a life of simplicity, veracity, studiousness and hard work.
As regards to its magnificent infrastructure, it is to be noted that the      almamater has 17 spacious class rooms and well equipped Science Laboratories, Computer Laboratory and Library with good number of books, Reference books, Journals, Periodicals, Bulletins and a Digital Library and N.S.S and Y.R.C wings.
In addition to this, the college campus already has a palacial Auditorium built up in the year 2003, in the commemorative of late Shri Dr. R. H. Kulkarni,  a famous Gynecologist and father of Dr. (Smt.) Sudhamurthy, a reputed literary personality.
And the college has a spacious play ground of 6 Acres with all amenities.
Today there are more than 1400 students studying in this college including UG and PG, levels.